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Lyn Fury
Manufacturer YoYoJam
Release date (please complete)
Shape Butterfly
Color Various
Weight 65.5 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 54mm
Width: 40mm
Material Plastic (celcon)
Bearing size Size C YoYoJam
Response system Dual o-rings

The Lyn Fury by YoYoJam is a plastic version of the popular Hitman, designed by Johnnie Delvalle. A wide, butterfly-shaped yo-yo with rounded outer rims. The inner walls however are thicker than the walls of the Hitman, giving the yo-yo less rim weight. The halves are made of Celcon. It became popular when it hit the shelves, and even stood toe-to-toe with metal yo-yos in the competitions, especially when Takeshi Matsuura used one to win 1st place at the 2008 Worlds' 5A (Freehand) division.


im a bum Minimotu

This is an epic yoyo


I originally bought the Lyn Fury because I liked the Hitman and wanted a cheaper version to carry around. My first impression however was that the yo-yo has an inherently "cheap" feel to it: the Celcon feels softer than the hard plastic used in the inner part of the Hitman but what's worse is that there are some sharp ridges left over from the molding process around the rim. Removing these evenly with a sharp knife can be difficult. So I opted for sandpaper to remove them :) giving the surface a slight roughness that also takes some getting used to (will try to polish it again). Also a little sharp are the edges of the injection channels on the inner walls of the gap that rub against the string. Had to sand these down as well.

How does it play out of the box? Like most yo-yos it plays very responsive. The bearing is the usual good YoYoJam size C bearing that runs well when broken in. The double O-Ring response system works well.

Since I am more into unresponsive yo-yos, I put in a Fat Lip Mercury bearing and two thin shims, making the yo-yo unresponsive and quite wide. Shaved one O-Ring. Plays ok this way.

So how does it compare to the Hitman? Let's say, I was not impressed. The weight distribution is significantly different, taking away lots of the rotational stability of the Hitman as well as usable mass. The walls around the axle are to thick, concentrating the weight there rather than at the rim. So it is definitely not just a cheaper Hitman.

Another contender to compare it with is the KickSide. At the same price the KickSide sports a more rim oriented weight distribution as well as a hybrid response system. While the latter is mainly a matter of taste, the first makes the KickSide the better yo-yo (at least for me).

Bottom line: For the fourteen bucks I paid it's ok, but not really impressive. Get a KickSide instead. --HB 13:50, 31 Oct 2005 (PST)

Monkey Grinder

I got a hold of a Lyn Fury several months after it came out, it's an II special edition one, and I love it. It is smooth on the string and can take almost anything you throw at it. It doesn't grind all that well because the plastic is sooo shiny, and the spin time is somewhat lacking compared to the Hitman. Another observation is that the gap only opens about 3/4 of a turn before the string slips, but these are all minor problems considering that the yoyo is only $15.

The shape, when compared to the Hitman, is almost identical. But the Hitman definately has the upper hand in most major factors that players look at when choosing a yoyo. (out of 10) Smoothness: 8.5 Grinding: 5 Spin Time: 7 Bang for the Buck: 9

Overall: 7.4 If you're starting out and looking for your first unresponsive, advanced level yoyo, or you are looking to pick up a nice player on the cheap, this is a good buy. But generally, if you want the shape, just buy a Hitman. - 14 November 2006


This was my very first "real" yoyo I guess you could say. I bought it after lurking on several of the internet forums for a couple months. It got me through a lot and lasted me a year. I recently purchased another one of these. The feel right out of the box is like nothing I've felt before, somewhat slippery. The pog art is very very cool. It does often change with the model although some models do have the same art on them.

Repsonce is double o-ring, probably my favorite. Right out of the box the yoyo's bearing is lubed up pretty nice, defintely tug responsive. I chose to break the first lyn's bearing in and after a few days of throwing I needed to learn how to bind.

I purchased a Hitman shortly after that. It had much more rim-weight than the Lyn, but other than that I didn't find much difference. My Hitman's bearing seat later cracked due to a failed yoyo modification, which I had also botched on my Lyn. The difference was that the Lyn survived the mod. These things are as durable as yoyos come.

I mainly use the Lyn for 1A and 5A. This is a really nice 5A yoyo. The shape is just wide enough to catch the string and is a decent weight for 5A.

If you are thinking about purchasing this yoyo, I heavily reccomend it over the other Celcon YoYoJams. -December, 26, 2006


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