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Manufacturer YoYoFactory
Release date (please complete)
Shape Wing
Color Prototype Orange, Preproduction Black, Production Orange, Blue, Aqua, and Various Splash Editions
Weight 66g
Dimensions 50mm Diameter, 40mm Width
Material Aluminum
Bearing size Large, Small
Response system YoYoFactory K-pad Response

The DV888 by YoYoFactory was released in 2009, and is based on the very popular DV8 yo-yo by Buzz-On that, due to patent issues, was never officially released. The DV8 was so popular, however, that YoYoFactory teamed up with Buzz-On to breathe life back into this desired design.


It's metal, smooth, has a wide gap, quick, reliable, feels good, and spins for a long time. Check out that popping color too!

I quite honestly wasn't nearly as excited as I am after I played with the DV888; I suppose, because it was based on a preexisting yo-yo, I didn't expect a brand new flavor, but this yo-yo feels totally different and plays so well that its hard not to keep coming back to it. The best yo yo!

It has a decent amount of center weight that makes it feel very solid and enough rim weight to keep it spinning for a long time, all the while keeping the 888 size for a speedy yo-yo on the string and a smooth, pretty coating that feels and looks great. It reminds me of the M1 coating, if you have ever felt that before. The K-pad response works wonderfully and the YoYoFactory etched bearing looks and plays super. --Andrew Robinson

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