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 See Also Duncan Butterfly (Wood), Butterfly XT

Duncan ButterFly 14
Manufacturer Duncan
Release date (please complete)
Shape ButterFly
Color Various
Weight 60g
Dimensions 56mm diameter, 37mm width
Material Plastic
Bearing size Steele Axle
Response system Starburst

The Duncan Butterfly is the butterfly style version of the Duncan Imperial. During the late 1950s Duncan manufactured the Butterfly out of wood, then switched to a plastic version which is still produced today. Its wide shape makes string tricks easier. The plastic butterfly has a fixed metal axle and cannot be screwed apart.

As this was the first yo-yo using this shape, and since the name describes the shape very well, the term Butterfly has established itself to describe the yo-yo shape. However, Duncan is not happy with this, as they have trademarked the name in the US. They have tried to discourage the use of the term on web sites. You can read the details here.



Hans Wong Jensen, the 2004 Singapore 1A Champion, used a modified version of this yo-yo in his World 2004 1A freestyle. In fact, there are many other people who also modify this classic yo-yo into an Advanced Player's dream.

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